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Rosario Jeremias


The Director is present at all meetings of the Association and at all meetings of the Executive Board. They supervise over all activities, and appoint committees.

Robie Troesler

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary keeps the minutes of all meetings and keeps all official records and papers of the Association pertaining to the office (except that of the Treasurer).

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Susan Bender


The Treasurer keeps an accurate record of the organizations' money, and/or assets pertaining to the Association and submits a written financial report (copies to Recording Secretary and Director) at each meeting.

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Jim Moore

Assistant Director

The Assistant Director assumes the duties of the Director in their absence. The Assistant Director acts as chairperson of the Program committee.

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Judy Licht

Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary conducts all correspondence of the Association, maintains a current roster of all qualified members, prepares and mails all notices of the meetings which are sent to the membership prior to meeting meetings.



The LCAA Exhibit Committee is responsible for securing exhibition venues and alternative spaces, plan exhibition themes, developing a prospectus as needed for each show, and other duties.

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The LCAA Membership committee is responsible for keeping accurate records of when a member joins, dues paid, contact information, media used, and  desired involvement with the LCAA.


The LCAA Hospitality committee is responsible for making all LCAA events and exhibitions welcoming.

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The LCAA Promotion/Publicity committee is responsible for all promotion of LCAA events

Self Promotion


The LCAA Historian committee keeps records by year of newspaper clippings, event photos, printed materials, brochures, posters, advertising and anything that depicts our actions as a viable and active Association.

Outdoor Study Group


The LCAA Website and Social Media committee focuses on the organizations' online presence, coordinating with other members to promote the organization on social media, as well as maintaining and updating the LCAA website.

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