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As my husband likes to tell everyone who asks me…”How long have you been painting?”  He replies for me…”My wife is a late blooming Grandma Moses.  With minimal formal training I just decided it was time to stop saying “Well I can do that”, AND “Did it”.

I have painted in just about every medium over the years, found my first love to be pen and ink.  Water color I find fascinating.  Dislike oils.  Was not crazy about pastels, have now learned to love.  A few years ago, I was introduced to Encaustic Art, a bees wax medium.  It is an art form over a thousand years old.  My new love.  AND in using the wax to paint with, I am also able to incorporate ink, pastel and watercolor into my work.

My work has been shown in many venues in Las Cruces, Albuquerque and throughout the state.  I have been honored with awards and praise for my various works over the years and I keep learning from all my talented artist friends.

Member of the Las Cruces Artist Association, ArtForms group and the Encaustic Arts Institute, Santa Fe, NM, where my encaustic piece has been chosen for the Institute’s permanent museum collection.

My husband Jack, and I arrived in Las Cruces middle of 2017 from Albuquerque.  We are very at home here, finding only caring and friendly people surround us.  Thank you for welcoming us to the community.

Karen Zibert

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