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Dean Lively

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Dean Lively, a retired high-school business teacher, enjoys working in a variety of media which include fiber, watercolor, pastels, acrylics, sand, hand-made paper, and rolled-paper beads. Dean, though basically self-taught, has taken watercolor workshops with Laurel Weathersbee, silk-dying workshops with Judy Licht, a pastels workshop with Christina Debrowsky, and a pastel-portraiture workshop with Carolyn Bunch.  In the ‘60’s, Dean wanted a macramé belt, so he bought several books and taught himself macramé; in the ‘70’s, he learned to weave with a small lap loom, later he learned to crochet. Dean frequently uses unusual combinations of media to create unique items of art which he finds pleasing. He likes to “recycle”—incorporating leaves, twigs, pressed flowers, hand-made paper, scrap yarn, and other items into his work.

Dean Lively
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